Probably the trickiest thing about this company is explaining the start of "Let Ross Shine"! Like we weren't created in a struggle, a college dorm room, economic turmoil or an "ah huh" moment!  However detailing what we are about and our goals as a lifestyle brand, well that's easy to lay out! 

Here's what's "tricky"! See, a good friend, and at the time CrossFit training partner, decided to take an image of BeardBossRoss and put it on a t-shirt! And that's it, sort of! 

Why? Well only that friend Felix Manjarrez can truly explain, but his intentions were obviously good & something along the line of that phenomenal beard!

So after that first t-shirt came three other designs! Although they were  planned the amount of supporters and interest were just as humbling as the first go around. Even with our previous success "Let Ross Shine" still didn't recognize its own existence. 

It wasn't until the summer of 2017 when we had that "ah hah" moment! That's when we took a look back,  realized that the ball was always rolling, seen that we had a loyal and solid foundation to continue on to do something great! 

We decided to put forth a lifestyle brand that has been through hardships, struggle, beautiful days, joy, phenomenal moments, laugher everything and anything that makes DOPE PEOPLE! 

We are on our way to providing timeless, endless apparel for each and every Dope soul on all four corners of this planet! No one is excluded, with open arms all are welcome. Stay Dope!

Thank you!
Let Ross Shine